Sire statistics for 2013/14 season

In case anyone missed it the Sporting Press last week printed the number of coursing litters on the ground for the 2013/14 season and the number of pups seeking to secure their place in Clonmel 2014.

The numbers are quite staggering, if not wholy unsurprising. As has well been speculated, Kingsmill Dynamo is by a distance the most used Sire for next season. The 2009 Boylesports Derby winner had only the one litter to Lilo on the ground for the 2012/13 season but he will be represented by the progeny of 90 litters next year.

Dynamo will be represented by a total of 580 pups, 309 dogs and 271 bitches. The 580 pups represent over 20 percent of the entire generation. Kingsmill is clear of the next most patronised sire Bexhill Eoin by almost 250 pups. Bexhill has 48 litters on the ground for this year, 334 pups in total.

Last season’s leading sire Adios Alonso will have 32 litters on the ground this season, 5 behind Johnny Casanova who will have 37 litters in the 2013/14.

I’ve listed the sires with 4 or more litters for next season below. You may want to take the time now and bookmark this page!

Sire  Litters Pups
Kingsmill Dynamo 90 580
Bexhill Eoin 48 334
Johnny Casanova 37 236
Adios Alonso 32 210
Mafi Magic 29 165
Murtys Blaze 17 92
March Is On 15 107
Musical Time 15 87
Wallace Green 15 86
Razor Ashmore 12 61
Sandy Sea 12 72
Matt Hyland 9 52
Castle Pines 8 54
Kyle James 8 58
Siena Steel 8 49
Bexhill Brian 7 38
Blueview Sam 6 42
Ballymac Meave 5 24
Central City 5 35
Eoin Rua 5 34
Mucky Eamonn 5 24
Murtys Gang 5 34
Prevelence 5 31
Trajectory 5 40
Soundmanpaddy 4 31

Analysis of All Age Cups 2012-2013

With the season finished up, I thought it worth my while reflecting on some of the results. Following Carricktobin Lad‘s win in the Irish Cup I thought I’d take a look at how the Cups were shared around this season between the All Age Dogs.

By my own calculations (and I stand open to correction) there were 67 All Age Cups contested this season. Now that takes into account all the park meetings up to and including the Macroom meeting.

66 of the 67 meetings were won outright and 1 was shared. For the purposes of this I’ve given a cup win to both dogs. The main purpose of my analysis was to see whether Trial Stake winners out perform non-Trial Stake winners as All Age competitors.

Remarkably dogs that didn’t win Trial Stakes outperformed Trial Stake winners at All Age level this past season. In total 24 different dogs that hadn’t won Trial Stakes last season found their way into the winners circle this year winning 35 Cups.

Skellig Way led the way having won 2 All Age Cups and sharing another. His litter brother Skellig Sunrise also won two cups as did Latest Trick, Catrionas Joy and Bridewell Kieran.  Below you can see the 24 winners.

Dog Cup Wins
Skellig Way 3
Bluebird Razor 2
Bridewell Kieran 2
Catrionas Joy 2
Latest Trick 2
Lochbo Bob 2
Skellig Sunrise 2
Arise Sir Alex 1
Barrow Saunders 1
Blueview Ben 1
Bond Street Boy 1
Bythewindsailor 1
Call Him Now 1
Carricktobin Lad 1
Cherrygrove Bolt 1
Common Blue 1
Coolavanny Call 1
Cutters Hero 1
Hather For Da 1
Highland Hawk 1
Inch Harmony 1
Kierans Sam 1
Kyle Gaisce 1
Marshals Duke 1
Moorstown Master 1
Noirs Norsa 1
Trafford Way 1

Of the dogs that won Trial Stakes over the last couple of years, 24 TS winners won 33 All Age Cups in the 2012-13 season

Of the Trial Stake winners (full and reserve) from 2011/2, only 18 won Cups this season. In the table below you can see the pups from last season who won 2 All Age Cups this season.

Ashmore Sambo 2
Cuine Boy 2
Fortfield River 2
Hunters Glory 2
Kingsmill Larch 2
Offshore Eoin 2
Skellig Wish 2

Both Killimor Matey and Sound Pistol, third season dogs won 2 All Age Cups, while Chancey Soprano and Kyle King also found the winners enclosure during the course of last season.

Trial Stake winners from 4 generations won All Age Cups this season, the oldest being High and Mighty, the young Corn Cuchulainn winner Phoenix Frankel. The fulls list is as follows.

Ashmore Sambo 2
Cuine Boy 2
Fortfield River 2
Hunters Glory 2
Kingsmill Larch 2
Offshore Eoin 2
Skellig Wish 2
Killimor Matey 2
Sound Pistol 2
Phoenix Frankel 1
Ardmore Butch 1
Belated Birthday 1
Blueview Sam 1
Bombshelriapants 1
Brannig Rioroyal 1
Cuddly Man 1
Eoin Roger 1
Hopes and Dreams 1
Lixnaw Eoin 1
Smart Touch 1
Something Quick 1
Chancey Soprano 1
Kyle King 1
High and Mighty 1

The Trial Stake class of last season was undoubtedly hit to a number of stars both prior to the season and during the season.  The likes of Blueview Sam picked up an injury after winning the Belsize Cup in impressive fashion while Solid Monk sustained an injury just days before competing in Ballinagar.

Even dogs that won cups this season sustained injuries during the season. Belated Birthday suffered a career ending injury in competition while Skellig Wish broke toes running up to Offshore Eoin in New Ross causing him to miss a large chunk of the season.

Off course it was known that some of the dogs that failed to win Trial Stakes last season wouldn’t be too far away this season. 6 winners from this season ran up Trial Stakes last season with Kierans Sam leading the way with 3 beaten finals last season. Kyle Gaisce and Bridewell Kieran had also run up multiple Trial Stakes and weren’t too far under the radar while Skellig Way had reached the final of the Armshaw Puppy Cup in Tipperary at the end of last term.