We’re into August and the Slipper needs your help

For the countdown to the new season I’m hoping to do something a little different and I would love your help in making my posts as engaging as possible.

At the minute I plan on looking at both All Age and puppy competitions. That’s were your help will be  so gratefully received. I’m not sure how these questions will be received but it’s worth a try.

All Age Competiton

With the Fantasy Coursing form due in the Sporting Press any week now I plan on doing a fairly comprehensive analysis of the top dogs and bitches for this season.

I want your views on who you think the top dogs will be this season!

Will we see Thomas the Tank on the field this season? Can Kyle Leigh do the business? Will Pocketrocketben’s early pace blow his rivals away?

Can Miss Fury reverse her semi final defeat? Will Central Heroine or Smart Ali feature this season? Will Bossa Nova Babe return for more silverware? What dog will be this seasons Latest Trick, Skellig Way or Skellig Sunrise?

Who are your top three Fantasy Coursing picks? Get in touch with your selections via Twitter or email thecrookedslipper@gmail.com

Puppy Competition

It’d be impossible to preview the Trial Stake dogs and bitches for this season with any degree of accuracy. What we want though is to find out what dogs you have for this season and most importantly we want to see them!

If you’ve any pictures of your Trial Stake pups tweet me them with their name and we’ll give everyone a look!

It’ll also be useful to have a picture of the future Trial Stake winner on file!


Just around the corner…

It’s been a while from I’ve blogged here but with the new season just around the corner it’s time to start talking dogs again!

As you can see we’ve had a bit of a facelift and  fingers crossed I’ll be able to build and develop what happened last season. At the minute I’ve got a few plans for the blog which may or may not go by the wayside but I’ll go into that later in the week (time pending).

Look ahead to 2015

But to start this season I’ll take a look ahead to the Derby and Oaks winners of 2015…

I’ve been keeping the stats on the matings and litter registrations published every Thursday in the Sporting Press and it’s revealed some interesting statistics to date. To date 13 sires have had 10 or more matings recorded. A list of sires with 2 or more published matings can be found below.

Kyle James leads the way after a very solid last season while last season’s top sires by Trial Stake winners Adios Alonso, Mafi Magic and Razor Ashmore all getting their fair sure of bitches. Derby winner Thomas The Tank, Irish Cup winner Carricktobin Lad and the hardy Skellig Wish are among the dogs who make their first appearance on the sire list.

Health warning: It is just worth noting this list is only a provisional list and I am liable to have missed a couple of matings in the paper. Given that the table lists matings and not litter registrations the number of litters actually on the ground may be a little lower.

I will try and update this table every week- so check back for updates from time to time! (Edited to include Bexhill Brian who I missed)


Sire Matings
Kyle James 64
Adios Alonso 41
Mafi Magic 28
Razor Ashmore 27
Johnny Casanova 18
Blueview Sam 16
Kingsmill Dynamo 15
Musical Time 14
Central City 11
Cross Country 11
Kyle Ranger 11
March Is On 10
Wallace Green 10
Kyle King 9
Bexhill Brian 9
Caesar Music 8
Murtys Blaze 7
Bexhill Eoin 6
Prevelence 6
Jeru Cavendish 5
Eoin Rua 4
Go Home Hare 3
Skellig Wish 3
Thomas The Tank 3
Derby Pines 2
Donard King 2
High and Mighty  2
Lochbo Butch 2
Matt Hyland 2
Mucky Eamonn 2
Murtys Gang 2