Skelligs move clear as Champions Stakes race bunches up

Skellig Eoin and Skellig Way have a clear lead in the race to the Champion Stakes in Clonmel with the pair having clinched two Cups to date this season. Mission Approved was today’s big mover winning the O’Connor- O’Carroll Cup in Lixnaw.

Champion Stakes

Dog Points
Skellig Way 10
Skellig Eoin 8
Latest Trick 6
Man Of War 6
Screwdriver 6
Mission Approved 6
Austerity 4
Ballinbola Road 4
Barefoot Magnus 4
Central Phoenix 4
Colla Eoin 4
Cuine Boy 4
Earl Of Thomond 4
Glenlea Sonny 4
Grayacres Star 4
Here Comes Harry 4
Kilkeale Hero 4
Kyle Leigh 4
Lochbo Bob 4
Marshals Mercury 4
Mr Blonde 4
Skellig Sunrise 4
Wyken Power 4
Central Swinger 4
Fee Fontaine 4
Spruce Bolt 4
In Cahoots 4
Belfast Boy 4
Dangerousredhead 4
Hopes and Dreams 4
Droopys Bestie 4

Grace Bruton Champion Bitch Stake

Eggemalong was today’s big mover in the Grace Bruton Champion Bitch Stake ladder as she moved onto 6 points. Duchess returns to action in Loughrea this week for the Galway and Oranmore meeting to try and extend her lead.

Bitch Points
Duchess 8
Lochbo Zola 6
Skellig Tivoli 6
Eggemalong 6
Beautys Grace 4
Blades of Steel 4
Chow Chow 4
Dependable 4
Gowayoudat 4
Hollyhill Marlyn 4
Lizs Touch 4
Minorcas Flyer 4
Moat Missy 4
Smokey Symbol 4
Yukon Glory 4
Woodenstown Me 4
Lady Casanova 4
Bucks Honey 4
Quarrymount Gaga 4

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