Newcastlewest- Day Two Update

Thanks to Ian Bourke on Greyhound Nuts for the excellent updates from Newcastlewest. Neither Coyote or Wilton Magic ran.

Munster Cup

Lislaughtin Mick v Tilford Tom
Cherrygrove Bolt v Ashwood James
Son Of Steel v Kyle Leigh
Last Emperor v Amys Lotto

Derby Trial Stake

3 : Lisahane Adios (Adios Alonso x Gallant Daisy)
13 : Architectscastle (Kingsmill Dynamo x Skellig Mania)

19 : With Grim Intent (Johnny Casanova x Fleetwood Denise)
25 : Five Past (Kingsmill Dynamo x Hollyoak Pegasus)

35 : Wheresthefella (Adios Alonso x Skibabbey Lady)
44 : Isle Of Dreams (Kingsmill Dynamo x Eshwary Star)

56 : Farewell Martin (Wallace Green x Intervention)
61 : Hazors Wood (Johnny Casanova x Fleetwood Denise)

Oaks Trial Stake

1 : Sky Razor (Razor Ashmore x Lady Delight)
3 : Hettys Honey (Bexhill Eoin x Honeycomb View)

6 : Lightning Queen (Murtys Blaze x Rock Music)
8 : Go Tiger Lilly (Kyle James x Funny Honey)

10 : Pretty Rebel (Blueview Sam x Uptown Rebel)
11 : Go Babe (Matt Hyland x Socialite)

13 : Swanky Lucky (Adios Alonso x Swanky Queen)
Res B: Time To Spare (Johnny Casanova x Lady Asdee)

17 : Floating Cove (Wallace Green x Floating Spirit)
19 : Casanova Babe (Johnny Casanova x Dusty Track)

Res C: Sunbeam (Bexhill Eoin x Carrick Candy)
24 : Miss Polly (Bexhill Eoin x Ardera Gift)

26 : Regular Visit (Murtys Blaze x Ougham Miss)
28 : Pauna Pronto (Captain Dru x Have We Six)

29 : Highland Holly (Bexhill Eoin x Highland Moon)
32 : Skellig Kiwi (Adios Alonso x Skellig Babe)

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