Analysis of All Age Cups to date

With only two meetings this weekend I’ve a little more time to do a bit more analysis of what we’ve seen this season to date. While I’ve taken a look at the breeding in Trial Stakes I’ve only taken one look to date at breeding in the All Age Cup. There are a few interesting trends that I will explore but let’s first look at the All Age Dog and Bitch Stakes and the success of sires in the various stakes.

There have been 52 All Age Cups to date. Adios Alonso led the way last year but helped by the success of third season dogs Hopes and Dreams, Latest Trick and Glenlea Sonny (x2), Bexhill Eoin currently enjoys a narrow lead among the dogs.Mafi Magic boosted by third season dogs Skellig Way (x2) and Skellig Sunrise is currently in third position. The table currently looks like this.

Sire Winners
Bexhill Eoin 8
Adios Alonso 6
Musical Time 6
Mafi Magic 5
Kyle James 4
Janey MacAroo 3
March Is On 3
Razor Ashmore 3
Cross Country 2
Droopys Saunders 2
Sandy Sea 2
Castle Pines 1
Dougal Town 1
Duke Special 1
Johnny Casanova 1
Matt Hyland 1
Murtys Blaze 1
Wallace Green 1
Wilton Time 1

Among the ladies Bexhill Eoin holds a commanding lead, thanks in no small part to Duchess (x3) and Minorcas Flyer (x2). Adios Alonso is in second position helped by Bucks Honey twice a winner this season while Mafi Magic, Razor Ashmore and Musical Time are all in third position.

Sire Winners
Bexhill Eoin 12
Adios Alonso 5
Mafi Magic 3
Musical Time 3
Razor Ashmore 3
Johnny Casanova 2
Kyle James 2
Matt Hyland 2
Bar Time 1
Central City 1
Crafty Hugo 1
Cross Country 1
Dougal Town 1
Wallace Green 1

A couple of other interesting observations.

  • Of the 52 All Age Dog stakes run this season 30 of the winners did not win Trial Stakes in their puppy season.
  • Of the 22 All Age Dog Cups run in September and October, 7 of the winners were 3rd season dogs.
  • Of the 22 All Age Dog Cups run in November, only 2 of the winners were 3rd season dogs.

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