Clonakilty- Day Two Results

All Age Bitch Stake

Missellenie v Dynalite
Come On Vivienne v Phoenix Tango
Barrack Millie v Tranquility Rose
Giveittobatty v Skellig Lola

Derby Trial Stake

6 : Breezing Johnny (Johnny Casanova x Knockrour Breeze)
30 : Nice Story (Kingsmill Dynamo x Omera)

39 : Crushers Johnny (Castle Pines x Skellig Beag)
50 : Young Dunphy (Bexhill Eoin x Barrow Princess)

Oaks Trial Stake

4 : Camarillo Diva (Bexhill Eoin x Leigh Countess)
7 : Dynamic Kanu (Kingsmill Dynamo x Leigh Kanu)

12 : Maidinthemist (Murtys Blaze x Whimsical Lady)
16 : Thats My Tail (Kingsmill Dynamo x Knockomagh Pride)

19 : Knocknacree Beky (Bexhill Eoin x Lisloose Rain)
22 : Kilcastle Lady (Bexhill Eoin x Inspiring)

27 : Nemos Millie (Kyle James x Funny Honey)
29 : Donegal Blondie (Kingsmill Dynamo x Aslee Annie)


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