Sevenhouses- Day One Results

Seamus Hughes Memorial Cup

Sir Harvey v Mission Approved
Dynamic Billy v Phoenix Frankel
Game Miller v Intacta Banba
Catunda Magic v Smokey Millie

Reserve Derby Trial Stake

2 : Percys The Red (Kingsmill Dynamo x Bower Sign)
8 : Rachmaninov (Kingsmill Dynamo x Kalanova)

12 : Grading Hill (Bexhill Eoin x Honeycomb View)
14 : Mungos Rio (Kyle James x Mungos Diamond)

17 : Downton Shadow (Bexhill Eoin x Qualityandgold)
21 : Keldon Bolt (Kingsmill Dynamo x Awesome Belle)

27 : Gingerbread Fox (Bexhill Eoin x Gingerbread Lady)
31 : Kingsmill Vibe (Johnny Casanova x Kingsmill Blonde)

Oaks Trial Stake

4 : Fawny Billa (Trajectory x Hey Soul Sister)
8 : Valley Model (Musical Time x Ballymac Jane)

9 : Ballinakill Mary (Johnny Casanova x Newinn Model)
13 : Sunfire Magic (Mafi Magic x Fingal Swagger)

18 : Rosie Time (Prevelence x Wee Rose Garden)
22 : Fuerty Wizard (Kingsmill Dynamo x Newinn All In)

28 : Ardnalee Breeze (Bexhill Eoin x Ardnalee Orla)
32 : Loughmore Again (Razor Ashmore x Tango Time)


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