Tubbercurry DTS- Latest

Derby Trial Stake

2 : Ringanhoop (Wallace Green x Ozark Moon)
4 : Charlemont Ricky (Cross Country x Lady Bexhill)

6 : Tubs Grub (Murtys Gang x Cunnigar Beauty)
8 : Central Advisor (Bexhill Eoin x Central Model)

9 : Glasheen Cas (Johnny Casanova x Burnpark Sadie)
12 : Ozark Ranger (Wallace Green x Ozark Moon)

13 : Listen To Him (Bexhill Brian x Wakey Wakey)
16 : Ougham Murty (Murtys Blaze x Ougham Miss)

18 : Barkatthemoon (Lochbo Blake x Lochbo Abbey)
19 : Sunbeam Oscar (Kingsmill Dynamo x Sunbeam Blitz)

22 : Congratulations (Johnny Casanova x Summerfield Bex)
23 : Hes Grand (Wallace Green x Prolific Artist)

25 : Eire Loose One (Murtys Blaze x Mrs Pops)
28 : Did I Pull (Johnny Casanova x Why Tanyard Tess)

30 : Glenrock Gary (Kingsmill Dynamo x Hollyoak Pegasus)
31 : Stormont (Sandy Sea x Cois Luna)


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