National Meeting Update- 29th January

Things have been fairly quiet over the last couple of days, the calm before the storm. What there have been are a few withdrawals, and there could well be more to come.

In terms of betting very little has changed at the top of the market  and the only noticeable change has been Berkie pushing a few dogs out to 100-1.



Shanavulin Magic has been withdrawn- Killeagh Jingles will get a run.

Just a note to say that he won’t necessarily replace Shanavulin Magic, but the first dog to run who has been withdrawn (if there are any other dogs withdrawn)


Fancy Rae Baker has been withdrawn- Castle Tornado will get a run.

As before, Castle Tornado as first reserve will get a run though not necessarily in Fancy Rae Baker’s place.

The next reserve up will be Over The Rail due to the withdrawal of An Gealbhan at the Reserve B slot.

Champion Stakes

The withdrawal of second reserve Tilford Tom means Colla Eoin is now the second reserve.



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