Ballyheigue- Day One Results

White Sands Hotel Cup

Mystery Eoin v A Noble Ash
Fhink Fast Fred v Rakaia
Knockrour Jazz v Duarigle Mystic
Winter Of Fun v Rocking Master

Derby Trial Stake

Brownes Kitchen (Razor Ashmore x Urker Mo Ghra)
Call Him Bawn (Razor Ashmore x Call Her Now)

Ufigureitout (Adios Alonso x Giveittocaesar)
Glouner Jim Kyle Ranger x Fortfield Juno

Taur Road Mafi Magic x Newinn All In
Tilted Moon Mafi Magic x Island Moon

Denham James Kyle James x Chubbys Banker
Cash Call Adios Alonso x Ballyina Lady


Reserve Oaks Trial Stake

Leigh Blaze (Murtys Blaze x Leigh Countess)
Turn Back (Adios Alonso x Turnpike Tara)

Tip The Can (Kingsmill Dynamo x Lisloose Phil)
Ballymac Alberta (Thomas The Tank x Ashtown Amy)

Not My Pick (Kingsmill Dynamo x Bower Sign)
Oldfield Gentle (Kyle James x Be On Time)

Soak Your Oats (Kyle James x Be On Time)
Pumpkin Hazel (Cross Country x Boomtown Hazel)


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