Cashel- Day Two Results

Morrissey Cup

Central Adviser v Skellig Sunset
Kingsmill Rover v Coshair Slane
Kilbreedy Rock v Needham Work
Ashwood James v Cooga Darlan

All Age Bitch Stake

Fota Castle v Marshals Bridie
Work For One v Smokey Symbol
Loyal Lyric v Adios Belle
Hettys Honey v Skellig Blues

Derby Trial Stake

Music Caesar (Caesar Music x Rushing)
Kingcormac Fairy (Kyle James x Shes A Dazzler)

Positive Timing (Musical Time x Leigh Smokey)
Res B: Geordie Casanova (Johnny Casanova x Loyal Leader)

Castle Franco (Johnny Casanova x Ningaloo Maxi)
Backstreet Boy (Adios Alonso x Skellig Wave)

Swinging Light (Johnny Casanova x Cois Rumble)
Stephens Owen (Mafi Magic x Tilt Your Kilt)

Oaks Trial Stake

Deirin Kerry (Central City x Westport Witch)
Fanore Ocean (Kyle Ranger x Ocean Tolula)

Sandyman Awake (Kyle King x Whitestone River)
Ballyverry River (Castle Pines x Quality And Dash)


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