Castleisland- Day Two Results

Island Cup

Cill Ide Riocht v Sturdyandstaunch
Needham Simple v Tilford Tom
Shift Johnnycash v Stormont
Floating Patriot v Kyle Roger

All Age Bitch Stake

Barrack Nell v Turning Pace
Dynalite v Blades Of Steel
Somelittlething v Kilty Millie
Careful Betty v City Beauty

Derby Trial Stake

Bedford Banker (Kyle James x Chubbys Banker)
Kyle Bruce (Kyle James x Blades of Glory)

Oilill Olum (Kyle James x Cumbawn Ellen)
Ballybeg Rock (Kyle James x Mount Ruby Sammy)

Oaks Trial Stake

Bolshoi Ballet (Adios Alonso x Exact Science)
Ballyverry Baby (Kyle James x Mountain Guest)

Churchill Queen (Blueview Sam x Gingerbread Lady)
Bristol Lady (Central City x Moat Lady)

Boshski (Kyle James x Blades Of Glory)
Two Steps Closer (Musical Time x Whimsical Lady)

Southern Story (Kyle James x Dusty Track)
Barrack Mia (Mafi Magic x Barrack Court)


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