Listowel- Day One Results

All Age Bitch Stake

Barrack Nell v Come on Bella
Lochbo Diva v Horgie Baby
Ardnalee Breeze v Cu Maggie
Fortfield Breeze v Redhaired Mary

Derby Trial Stake

Roxboro Castle (Kyle Ranger x Bambas Minnie)
Master of Dreams (Kerry Call x Polar Lights)

Dancing Rain (March Is On x Aoifes Dilemma)
Res B: Lineroad Butch (Bexhill Brian x Bridewell Rose)

Crafty Rosso (Kyle James x Crafty Molino)
Whatdoyoufancy (Kyle James x Alainn)

Madtogojam (Kyle James x Madtogoagain)
What A Legacy (Adios Alonso x Belated Legacy)
Kyle Klien (Kyle Ranger x Maureen Rua)
Ballyglen Ranger (Kyle Ranger x Beckensale)

Bluebird Ri (Kyle King x Moonveen Lola)
Serene Angel (Adios Alonso x Uptown Angel)

Farewell Gerry (Adios Alonso x Taka Dawn)
Callaway Go Mac (Mafi Magic x Class Attraction)

Game Magic (Mafi Magic x Why Tanyard Tess)
Cashen Lightning (Musical Time x Leigh Smokey)


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