Ballyduff- Day Two Results

Kit Browne North Kerry Cup

Alleyesonus v Needham Work
Misty Horizon v Shanavulin Magic
Amys Lotto v Somelittlelord
Sturdyandstaunch v Dynamic Billy

All Age Bitch Stake

Barrack Tina v Ballymac Ashie
City Beauty v Kilty Millie
Windgap Breeze v Sand Sea Model
Lisloose Dixie v Somelittlething

Derby Trial Stake

Highland Hawkeye (Wallace Green x Highland Moon)
Derby James (Kyle James x Caoimhes Chill)

Joans Rebel (Kyle James x Madtogoagain)
Timber House (Thomas The Tank x Lady Twinkletoes)

Ufigureitout (Adios Alonso x Giveittocaesar)
Wizard Matthew (Musical Time x Leigh Smokey)

Nickies James (Kyle James x Be On Time)
Cryptic Ash (Razor Ashmore x Kerrykil Lass)

Oaks Trial Stake

Avas Sweetheart (Captain Dru x Big Miss Muffit)
Lahard Frankie (Central City x Ballymac Frankie)

Kilmoyley Flyer (March Is On x Aoifes Dilemma)
Clonmore Blonde (Kyle James x Omera)

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