Kyle Calvin’s return the top attraction at Lixnaw

Action got underway at Lixnaw today but the Cup doesn’t start until tomorrow morning and it should be worth the wait. With Crafty Who, Sturdyandstaunch and Kyle Calvin among those who will be competing for the O’Carroll O’Connor Cup. Tom Kennedy has done an excellent preview of this Cup so far from me treading on his toes I’ll keep this brief!

O’Carroll O’Connor Cup– Draw and Betting

Call Him Bolt- 10/1
Blackpool Bolt- 14/1

Tilted Moon- 8/1
Needham Simple- 3/1

Crafty Who- 4/1
Getinaboot- 10/1

Sturdyandstaunch- 5/1
You Drodera- 10/1
Kyle Calvin- Evens
Sarasota Silver- 16/1

Shorten The Road- 16/1
Amys Lotto- 6/1

Einaudi- 10/1
Dynamic Atom- 8/1

Hunting Master- 12/1
Call Him Bale- 6/1

Front Runners

Thoughts on the bottom quarter for me begin and end with Kyle Calvin. While it’s hard to look past the fall out from the Derby in February, the work he had done to the final had marked him out as a very, very good dog. If he returns at anything like the level he had shown at Clonmel then he should progress to the final out of this quarter. Having said that coursing is rarely that straight forward and there are any number of problems from offline hares to heavy hunts or injury that thwart his chances. Amys Lotto hasn’t reached last season’s level of performance which might have posed problems, while Call Him Bale, who might have given him trouble at his best, hasn’t raised a flag in three outings since reaching the semi-final in Kilflynn.

The top half is where much of the pre-final action should be with Crafty Who and Sturdyandstaunch set for a possible second round joust. Crafty Who reached the semi-final on his first appearance of the season but having had that run to shake out the cobwebs he could well be the dog to beat in the top half. Sturdyandstaunch has been busy this season and improving with every outing reaching the final in Ballyduff on his last appearance. Connections of Needham Simple will be hoping that he can bounce back to something like his best here. Having shown some signs of being top class last season, he hasn’t put two or three top runs together this year. If he does he could well be dangerous here.


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