Newcastlewest- Day One Results

Munster Cup

Limerick South v With Grim Intent
In The Centre v Needham Work
Country Man v Shorten The Road
Newinn Glory v Misty Horizon

All Age Bitch Stake

Downtown Lass v Giveittobatty
Needham View v Barrack Nell
Abbeyglen Gra v Slippy Grace
Barrack Tina v Game Dizzy

Derby Trial Stake

Seamus Alainn (Kyle James x Alainn)
Barrack Bolt (Castle Pines x Quality and Dash)

Lineroad Butch (Bexhill Brian x Bridewell Rose)
Portane Allinn (Mafi Magic x Newinn All In)

Aghaburren Mafi (Mafi Magic x Glass Attraction)
Limkenny King (Kyle King x Kyle Catunda)

Res D: Foxhollow Miguel (Kyle James x Fingal Floss)
Cloudy Dawn (Kyle James x Omera)

Oaks Trial Stake

Delonso (Adios Alonso x Delotti)
Jims Lady Tara (Adios Alonso x Turnpike Tara)

Misty Hackup (Johnny Casanova x Misty Hazel)
Matching Strides (Kyle James x Delightful Mark)

Ballymac Alberta (Thomas The Tank x Ashtown Amy)
Belated Bracelet (Adios Alonso x Belated Legacy)

Barrow Cockle (Adios Alonso x Cillowen Stunner)
Two Steps Closer (Musical Time x Whimsical Lady)


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