North Kilkenny- Day One Update

Oaks Trial Stake– Second Round

Rosie The Rascal (Mafi Magic x Newinn All In)
Skellig Starwars (Adios Alonso x Skellig Wave)

Kilbreedy Angel (Cross County x Gentle Angel)
Fiery Misty (Blueview Sam x Fiery Ruby)

Blessings (Razor Ashmore x Cross Kings)
Authority (Wallace Green x Windgap View)

Uptown Cailin (Adios Adios x Uptown Angel)
Coffee In Spirit ( Kyle James x Coffee In Currow)
Kilmoyley Flyer (March Is On x Aoifes Dilemma)
Onthegoagain (Kyle James x Madtogoagain)

Fiddlers Lane (Thomas The Tank x Cilldubh Killahy)
Annual Encounter (Kerry Call x Polar Lights)

Wheres My Pint (Razor Ashmore x Chow Chow)
Specific Event (Kyle King x Adios Caprice)

Thirty Seven (Kerry Call x Polar Lights)
Coshair Millie (Mucky Eamonn x Coshair Leara)

Derby Trial Stake– Second Round

Lisdaleen Adios (Adios Alonso x Crescent Sam)
Hackers Paradise (Kyle Ranger x Ocean Tolula)

Unfair Advantage (Bexhill Brian x Lady Country)
Rattoo Paddy (Johnny Casanova x Finuge Calamity)

Neverland Pirate (Thomas The Tank x Cilldubh Killahy)
Sunfire Central (Central City x Moonveen Melba)

Adios King (Kyle King x Adios Caprice)
Wallers Lot Matt (Matt Hyland x Montalto Pearl)
Aero Tank (Thomas The Tank x Lady Twinkletoes)
Defacto (Bexhill Eoin x Graigue Cascade)

Norfolk Nelson (Mafi Magic x Hollyoak Pegasus)
Scoobody (Cross County x Gentle Angel)

Gortown Dasher (Razor Ashmore x Gortown Silver)
Buncurrig Bay (Adios Alonso x Mountain Girl)

Tory Aussie (Kyle James x Clerihan Daisy)
Res A: My Man (Adios Alonso x Skellig Wave)


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