Co Cork- Day One Survivors

Derby Trial Stake

Bower King (Kingsmill Dynamo x Bower Sign)- Evens
Luath Ranger (Central City x Great White)- 3/1

Cosmo Rush (Adios Alonso x Moat Elsa)- 5/1
Guesswhoimet (Kingsmill Dynamo x Skellig Mania)- 10/1

Mr Donn (Kyle James x Mountain Guest)- 3/1
Ryecourt Flash (Central City x Beanntrai)- 5/1

Man of Leisure (Razor Ashmore x Gortown Silver)- 4/1
Kierans Pat (Castle Pines x Quality And Dash)- 4/1

Oaks Trial Stake

Bristol Lady (Central City x Moat Lady)- 3/1
Sminky Babe (Adios Alonso x Sminky Short)- 5/1

Belated Bracelet (Adios Alonso x Belated Legacy)- 5/2
Turbomegadanzack (Adios Alonso x Uptown Angel)- 7/1

Lolas Molly (Kyle King ex Moonveen Lola)- 6/4
Winds And Waves (Adios Alonso x Castlemartyr Jet)- 10/1

Hair Spray (Johnny Casanova x Same Over)- 3/1
Misty Hackup (Johnny Casanova x Misty Hazel)- 3/1


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