Co Kerry- Day One Survivors

Kingdom Cup

Rathnasare Lady v Shorten The Road
Sombrero Jack v Big Tyson
Call Him Bale v Kyle Roger
Lineroad Amigo v You Drodera


Kyle Roger- 6/4
Lineroad Amigo- 2/1
Shorten The Road- 5/2
Call Him Bale- 4/1
Rathnasare Lady- 6/1
Sombrero Jack- 8/1
You Drodera- 10/1
Big Tyson- 20/1

Derby Trial Stake

Whip Tiger (Johnny Casanova x Misty Hazel)- 10/1
Smearla Central (Central City x Catchnscratcher)- Evens

Journey of Peace (Kerry Call x Polar Lights)- 3/1
Wizard Matthew (Musical Time x Leigh Smokey)- 4/1

Ramona Misty (Johnny Casanova x Misty Hazel)- 2/1
Madrasa (Blueview Sam x Billa Og)- 4/1

Tententwenty (Mafi Magic x Millabbey Jessie)- 6/1
Doomore Dave (Mafi Magic x Hollyoak Pegasus)- 4/1

Oaks Trial Stake

Strawberry Amy (Thomas The Tank x Ashtown Amy)- 5/1
Areyoureadynow (Adios Alonso x Liosarinn Chorus)- 3/1

Winter Hill Lady (Adios Alonso x Victory Point)- 5/1
Shanavulin Suzie (Razor Ashmore x Kerrykil Lass)- 3/1

Barrow Cockle (Adios Alonso x Cillowen Stunner)- Evens
Telebanco (Adios Alonso x Exact Science)- 6/1

Jessies Hope (Mafi Magic x Millabbey Jessie)- 5/2
Leavesinthewind (Kyle James x Madtogoagain)- 5/1

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