Roscommon- Day One Survivors

Castlerea All Age Cup

Dale Pinocchio v Sir Harvey
Skelp Lad v Frenchfort Tom
Man Of War v Barkatthemoon
Kilkeale Hero v Billistown Ross


Sir Harvey- 5/2
Kilkeale Hero- 5/2
Man Of War- 3/1
Dale Pinocchio- 4/1
Skelp Lad- 5/1
Frenchfort Tom- 5/1
Barkatthemoon- 6/1
Billistown Ross- 6/1

Derby Trial Stake

Feede Blazor (Razor Ashmore x Feede Blond)- 6/1
Summerfield King (Adios Alonso x Summerfield Bex)- 6/1

Foot Solution (Mafi Magic x Class Attraction)- 6/4
Quasimodo Raz (Razor Ashmore x Chubbys Princess)- 5/2

Funny Alonso (Adios Alonso x Funny Honey)- 6/4
Diggy Liggy Li (Murtys Blaze x Musicinmyheart)- 8/1

Wearing Well (Musical Time x Castlelawn Becky)- 4/1
Bristol Azul (Central City x Moat Lady)- 3/1

Oaks Trial Stake

Nutter Time (Johnny Casanova x Needham Time)- 4/1
Bodens Road (Mafi Magic x Ballyshannon Tri)- 8/1

Isabelles Charm (Adios Alonso x Exact Science)- Evens
Cloonturksparrow (Janey Mac Aroo x Cloonturk Style)- 6/1

Sole Survivor (Musical Time x Your Symbolic)- 8/1
So Long Honey (Adios Alonso x Funny Honey)- 2/1

Foxhollow Tango (Kingsmill Dynamo x Tango Time)- 5/2
Hairofthedog (Central City x Moonveen Melba)- 4/1


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