Clonakilty- Day One Survivors

All Age Cup

Blazing Music v Skellig Sunlight
Lineroad Amigo v Breezing Johnny
Alleyesonus v Eastern Shore
In The Centre v Gurteen Vince

All Age Bitch Stake

Ardrahan Zazazu v Duarigle Magic
Maggie Dan v Barrack Millie
Rossmore v Shify Queenbee
Floating Cove v Lochbo Vicky

Derby Trial Stake

Smearla Central (Central City x Catchnscratcher)
Blackpool Kyle (Kyle James x Dusty Track)

Abbey Hill (Musical Time x Inspiring)
Tears (Prevelence x Pretty In Pink)

Crafty Resino (Kyle James x Crafty Molino)
Seamus Alainn (Kyle James x Alainn)

Dungill Adio (Adios Alonso x Dungill)
Cloudy Dawn (Kyle James x Omera)

Oaks Trial Stake

Arcade Amy (Kyle King x Missellenie)
Cillowen Leader (Mafi Magic x Cillowen Gra)

Rocking Casanova (Mafi Magic x Lady Casanova)
Bristol Lady (Central City x Moat Lady)

Rush For Gold ( Kyle James x Emmas Goldrush)
Skellig Mint (Skellig Wish x Skellig Babe)

Uptown Rosie (Razor Ashmore x Three Fools)
Outcast Snowy (Mafi Magic x Lyrics)


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