Adios Alonso leads the way in end of season sire standings

With the final Trial Stakes of the season having been run in Cork yesterday, I’m going to take a little time to reflect on the season just gone this weekend before beginning to preview the National Meeting on Monday. The first thing up is the sire totals for the season.

As I’ve stated on more than one occasion, these tables are only a guide as to what sires have dogs winning Trial Stakes. They don’t tell you how many dogs or litters each particular sire had on the ground. Those statistics will emerge in time (I’m sure Den’s already on it) but for now we only have the raw figures. It should also be borne in mind that even those figures don’t tell you anything about the quality of bitches that each dog has had.

The Figures

Adios Alonso and Kyle James led the way in terms of litters on the ground and it’s no surprise that they lead the way in terms of Trial Stake and Reserve Trial Stake winners this season. Adios Alonso finished the season with 35 winners in total, that’s made up of 22 dogs and 13 bitches. Kyle James has had 32 winners in total, 14 dogs and 18 bitches. Mafi Magic pushed the leading pair the entire season and has had some very useful contenders heading to Powerstown Park.

Some of the younger sires have done very well with limited numbers, Thomas The Tank and Killimor Matey both having very good starts to their careers at stud. In total 30 sires had winners of some description or another this season, with a further 6 sires having offspring coming up just short.

Sire Winners Runners Up
Adios Alonso 35 27
Kyle James 32 37
Mafi Magic 20 24
Razor Ashmore 8 8
Thomas The Tank 8 4
Musical Time 5 5
Kingsmill Dynamo 4 4
Killimor Matey 4 3
Central City 3 6
Bexhill Eoin 3 4
Kyle King 3 4
Kyle Ranger 3 2
Derby Pines 3 1
Blueview Sam 2 6
Johnny Casanova 2 5
Castle Pines 2 0
Matt Hyland 2 0
Cross Country 1 1
Janey MacAroo 1 1
Wallace Green 1 1
Bexhill Brian 1 0
Caesar Music 1 0
Captain Dru 1 0
Carricktobin Lad 1 0
Go Home Hare 1 0
March Is On 1 0
Prevelence 1 0
Skellig Wish 1 0
Timor Blue 1 0
Tullamore 1 0
Murtys Blaze 0 3
Kerry Call 0 2
Mungos Classic 0 1
Shaneboy Nadal 0 1
Tubbertelly Dubh 0 1
Windgap Lar 0 1

Full Trial Stake winners

When the Reserve Trial Stakes are excluded the number of Trial Stake winners produce by each sire still show Adios Alonso in the lead, narrowly from Kyle James.

Sire Winners
Adios Alonso 30
Kyle James 29
Mafi Magic 15
Razor Ashmore 6
Thomas The Tank 6
Killimor Matey 4
Musical Time 4
Central City 3
Derby Pines 3
Kingsmill Dynamo 3
Kyle Ranger 3
Bexhill Eoin 2
Blueview Sam 2
Castle Pines 2
Johnny Casanova 2
Kyle King 2
Caesar Music 1
Captain Dru 1
Cross Country 1
Go Home Hare 1
Janey MacAroo 1
March Is On 1
Matt Hyland 1
Prevelence 1
Skellig Wish 1
Timor Blue 1
Tullamore 1
Wallace Green 1

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