Overview of 2014-15 All Age season

At the end of each season it’s always instructive to get a look back at the season just gone and what find out what we can learn from the season just gone. In the all age ranks it generally throws up a couple of surprises.

Some of the more noteworthy points in this seasons All Age Cups include:

  • Of the 70 All Age Cups this season, 39 were won by dogs that did not win Trial Stakes in their puppy season. Of those 39 Cups, 28 different dogs claimed silverware.
  • Of those 28 dogs, 11 won multiple Cups:- Avenue Ranger, Bango Malone, Blueview Charlie, Floating Patriot, Hotspot, Lochbo Benny, Marshals Mercury, Needham Work, Skellig Sunlight, Tynwald Ash, Whiskey Galore.
  • Six cups this season were won by track bred greyhounds most notably, Whiskey Galore and Hotspot. The other track bred winners were Garlyn Flash (Westmeath) and Barnish Panther (Balbriggan)
  • 31 Cups were won by dogs who won Trial Stakes or Reserve Trial Stakes in their puppy seasons. Of this 31 there were 24 different Cup winners.
  • Multiple Cup winners who won Trial Stakes last season included:- Eastern Shore, Fingal Master, Janeys Eoin, Lochbo Charlie, Needham Danger, Roquefort Barney and Vale View Flyer.
  • The last 8 in the 2014 Boylesports Derby won 5 Cups between them. Light Duty, Gold Cup winner in East Donegal, added to wins by Vale View Flyer and Fingal Master.
  • Just 8 Cups were won by dogs in their third season. Marshals Mercury claimed two of these earlier in the season. The others were Tilford Tom, Dale Pinocchio, Amys Lotto, Corriga Rebel, Wilton Magic and Broadwell James.
  • No bitch won a mixed gender stake this season and no pups proved successful in the All Age ranks.

Bexhill Eoin produced the most Cup winners this season with 11 winners among his off-spring. Kingsmill Dynamo saw his progeny claim 8 Cups while Mafi Magic and Murtys Blaze saw their sons win 6 Cup each. The breakdown by Sire is as follows:

Sire Cup Wins
Bexhill Eoin 11
Kingsmill Dynamo 8
Mafi Magic 6
Murtys Blaze 6
Adios Alonso 4
Kyle James 4
Jingles 3
Johnny Casanova 3
Wallace Green 3
Blueview Sam 2
Droopys Scolari 2
Lochbo Blake 2
Murtys Gang 2
Musical Time 2
Razor Ashmore 2
Trajectory 2
Tubbertelly Dubh 2
Castle Pines 1
Head Bound 1
Janey MacAroo 1
Mildean Panther 1
Sheeraghs Mocara 1
Tynwald Smokey 1

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