Ballyheigue- Day One Results

White Sands Hotel All Age Cup

Wicked Monk v Cash Call
Blackpool Kyle v Mystery Eoin
Cloudy Dawn v Lineroad Butch
No Joke Shiela v Farran City

Derby Trial Stake

Rhythm And Rhyme (Razor Ashmore x Quality And Dash)
Kerrykil Boyo (Kingsmill Dynamo x Cearc Ghoir)

Sameover Magic (Mafi Magic x Same Over)
Wet And Windy (Jingles x Sunny Skies)

Res D:Almighty Man (High and Mighty x Amyville Kate)
Somelittleticker (Adios Alonso x Moat Belle)

Essential (Kyle James x Specific Date)
Hall Of Mirrors (Kingsmill Dynamo x Bucks Honey)


Reserve Oaks Trial Stake

Joans From Clare (Adios Alonso x Scattery Express)
Pumpkin Judical (Judicial Affair x Pumpkin Aviva)

Boomtown Dili (Kyle Calvin x Diligent)
Yorkville Serene (Kingsmill Dynamo x Yorkville Stella)

Pony Breeze (Mafi Magic x Pony Link)
Glenduff Lola (Blueview Sam x Ashtown Amy)

Rathronan Razl (March Is On x Slippy Toes)
Fire Height Emma (Kingsmill Dynamo x Mrs Jingles)


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