Crohane- Day One Update

Derby Trial Stake

Jiving Avanti (Newinn Wonder x Notinthegang)
Amazing King (Johnny Casanova x Wise Lady)

Jogalongjimbo (Bexhill Eoin x Bombshelriapants)
Kingsmill Jasper (Johnny Casanova x Kingsmill Chanel)

Moonveen Wonder (Newinn Wonder x Moonveen Eve)
Noirs Monarch (Kingsmill Dynamo x Noirs Norsa)

Mafi Way (Mafi Magic x Kittys Way)
Multeen Mor (Mafi Magic x Kittys Way)

Cleanaway Tank (Thomas The Tank x Cleanaway Smurf)
Get Stuck In (Adios Alonso x Aslee Annie)

Pretty Jo (Caesar Music x Marys Lady)
Honey Ringo (Kingsmill Dynamo x Honey Spice)

Ralph Alainn (Kingsmill Dynamo x Alainn)
Mid Tipp Magpie (Johnny Casanova x Wise Lady)

Loyal Lightning (Kingsmill Dynamo x Loyal Lyric)
Cooga Harry (Newinn Wonder x Cooga Music)
Oaks Trial Stake

Live At Three (Adios Alonso x Live At Two)
Kingsmill Elsa (Johnny Casanova x Kingsmill Chanel)

Juicemelucy (Wallace Green x Intervention)
Spare Boots (Newinn Wonder x Notinthegang)

Sminky Time (Kingsmill Dynamo x Hard To Sell)
Grettie (Kyle King x Bayswell View)

Look And Learn (Central City x Stoney Lane)
Stonebroke Rita (Jingles x Micheles Flower)

Whats Happening (Kyle James x Notindispute)
Marshals Kendall (Kyle James x Marshals Duchess

Boomtown Tatiana (Adios Alonso x Boomtown Hazel
Gloves Off (Newinn Wonder x Rabbit Racer

Our Mary Anne (Kingsmill Dynamo x Double Trouble)
Hey Ma (Razor Ashmore x Miss Candy Floss)

Mustang Diamond (Kyle Ranger x Mungos Diamond)
Notintheparty (Newinn Wonder x Notinthegang)


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