Castleisland- Day One Results

Derby Trial Stake

Joans Harper (Adios Alonso x Bridewell Rose)
Exceed And Excel (High And Mighty x Amyville Kate)

Ashmore Noah (Thomas The Tank x Needham Beauty)
Winter Of Magic (Thomas The Tank x Gingerbread Lady)

Slippy Leo (March Is On x Slippy Toes)
Whats My Name (Central City x Sion Hawk)

Drive On Smokey (Adios Alonso x Jamaica Jane)
Black Barracuda (Kingsmill Dynamo x Blades Of Glory)

Cuine Yet (Adios Alonso x Dale Roisin)
Catalore John (Adios Alonso x Bridewell Rose)

Cill Ide Classic (Kingsmill Dynamo x Barrack Bimbo)
Parlour Game (Kingsmill Dynamo x Intense Focus)

Oaks Trial Stake

Kilcastle Five (Kyle King x Amys View)
Downtown Maria (Newinn Wonder x Shamakiya )

Sion Wind (Central City x Sion Hawk)
Blue Razor (Kyle James x Bright Emma)

Calma Chicha (Kingsmill Dynamo x Intense Focus)
Dale Khaleesi (Adios Alonso x Dale Roisin)

Calm And Cool (Adios Alonso x Funny Honey)
John Joes Girl (Razor Ashmore x Miss Candy Floss)

Crafty Magoo (Thomas The Tank x Crafty Molino)
Laughing Lilo (Mafi Magic x Laughing Lady)

Casanova Banba (Johnny Casanova x Oh Banba)
Rocking Ali (Adios Alonso x Lady Casanova)


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