Waterford- Day One Results

Urbs Intacta Cup

Ivy Hill Time v Alfie Alone
Marlfield King v Total Smokey
Ballybough Oz v Whiskey Galore
Fingal Billy v Gingerbread Sam

All Age Bitch Stake

Blame The Flah v Carricktobin Oak
Ballymore Nora v Candy Twist
Annual Encounter v Flashy Paradise
Lolas Molly v Taghrooda

Derby Trial Stake

Coolpeach Miller (Kingsmill Dynamo x Coffee In Currow)
Aodhans First (Johnny Casanova x Glenfennel)

Sunfire Galaxy (Johnny Casanova x Katies Queen)
Coshair Turf (Adios Alonso x Coshair Laois)

Market Decision (Newinn Wonder x Tinsley Lizzy)
Droopys Prowler (Kingsmill Dynamo x Polar Lights)

Key Pass (Adios Alonso x Key Daisy)
Gillogue Johnny (Johnny Casanova x Dungill)

Oaks Trial Stake

Honey Valentine (Kingsmill Dynamo x Honey Spice)
Tyco Wonder (Newinn Wonder x Moonveen Eve)

Res A: Blastoff Bella (Kingsmill Dynamo x Mayor Bernie)
Lovely Choc (Adios Alonso x Slieveroe Lady)

Banba The Beryl (Johnny Casanova x Oh Banba)
Droopys Flamingo (Newinn Wonder x Newinn Droopy)

Astana Rubie (Central City x Beautys Grace)
Coshair Orla (Adios Alonso x Coshair Laois)


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