Listowel- Day Two Update

Thanks to Dave Killeen for the update

John Prendiville Cup

Carrowkeal Jonjo v Tarmons Alonso
Power Game v Galbally Echo
Wizard Matthew v Madtogojam
Whopsie Away v At All Times
Glenlough Mick v Blackpool Kyle
Buncurrig Bay v Nickies James
Time James v Echo Camaro
Aurora Ali v Laughing Bird

Derby Trial Stake

Newinn Whisper (Newinn Wonder x Newinn Droopy)
Ballymac Seb (Blueview Sam x Ashtown Amy)

Somelittlestar (Adios Alonso x Live At Two)
True North (Adios Alonso x Jamaica Jane)

Crafty Boogaloo (Adios Alonso x Crafty Pinero)
Clonmore Ashmore (Razor Ashmore x Omera)

Kerry Abu (Central City x Sion Hawk)
Dynamic Dynamo (Kingsmill Dynamo x Maureen Rua)

Oaks Trial Stake

Allowdale Metro (Mafi Magic x Great Ability)
Sion Rain (Central City x Sion Hawk)

Rockalily (High And Mighty x Amyville Kate)
Snap And Chat (Razor Ashmore x Quality And Dash)

Abbey Go Lucky (Jingles x Abbey Katie)
Ardea Mo (Kingsmill Dynamo x Dale Andretti)

Lingering Grace (Jingles x Chow Chow)
Pumpkin Judical (Judicial Affair x Pumpkin Aviva)

Shimmerandshine (Tynwald Smokey x Gadget Girl)
Blastoff Betty (Kingsmill Dynamo x Mayor Berine)

Ballymac Blue (Blueview Sam x Ashtown Amy)
Glenlough Dixie (Newinn Wonder x Dixie Darlin)

Ballyverry Cove (Adios Alonso x Chubbys Cove)
Res B: Derrylough Henry (Newinn Wonder x Sandyman River)

Crafty Libango (Kingsmill Dynamo x Crafty Bonito)
Swanky Avril (Kingsmill Dynamo x Swanky Eimear)


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