Knockgraffon- Day One Results

Knockgraffon Cup

Maker Of Rules v Portane All In
Wizard Matthew v Micks Victory
Amazing King v Feel My Pulse
Kingcormac Fairy v Marshals Adio

All Age Bitch Stake

Bluebird Lola v Two Steps Closer
Needham Bloom v Kingtone Jessie
Chamberlain Una v Woodenstown Bib
Happy Away v Donegal Gold

Derby Trial Stake

Capetown Evan (Razor Ashmore x Smokey Dana)
Tellthattotommy (Kingsmill Dynamo x Coffee In Currow)

Droopys Prowler (Kingsmill Dynamo x Polar Lights)
Carlingford (Tynwald Smokey x Gadget Girl)

Domain King (Kyle Basil x Lyrics)
Chapel Lane (Adios Alonso x Jamaica Jane)

Drive On Smokey (Adios Alonso x Jamaica Jane)
Somelittlestar (Adios Alonso x Live At Two)


Oaks Trial Stake

Moat Matilda (Adios Alonso x Moat Missy)
Sandyman Smut (Thomas The Tank x Emmas Goldrush)

Delightful Babe (Adios Alonso x Bossa Nova Babe)
Howdowelook (Adios Alonso x Gold Emma)

Newinn Gaga (Newinn Wonder x Newinn Droopy)
Bermuda Angel (Thomas The Tank x Bermuda Magic)

Party Ma Cushla (Mafi Magic x Party Flamingo)
Springfield Lucy (Kingsmill Dynamo x Killacolla Gold)


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