Newcastlewest- Day One Results

Will be updated as results come in

Munster Cup

Serene Angel v Swanky Marcello
Duarigle Dancer v Get Into Gear
Rhythm and Rhyme v Maker of Rules
Call Here Alonso v At All Times

All Age Bitch Stake

Bated Breath v Follow Ur Dreams
Pauna Pronto v Sequin
Away She Goes v Leigh Snowie
Misty Hackup v Bexhill Mandy

Derby Trial Stake

Redzer Ferrari (Kingsmill Dynamo x Mrs Jingles)
A Noble Lad (Razor Ashmore x Ocean Tolula)

Mungos Ranger (Kyle Ranger x Mungos Diamond)
Willing And Able (Tynwald Smokey x Gadget Girl)

Silent Secret (Kyle James x Summerfield Bex)
Ballyregan Bobby (Adios Alonso x Barrack Becky)

Highland Hunter (March Is On x Plough And Stars)
Scattery Alonso (Adios Alonso x Scattery Express)

Oaks Trial Stake

Riverside Wonder (Newinn Wonder x Newinn Droopy)
Rathfort Island (Adios Alonso x Ellis Island)

Some Event (Kingsmill Dynamo x Lochbo Ruby)
Orlando Vicky (Thomas The Tank x Needham Beauty)

Geraldine Said (Newinn Wonder x Newinn Droopy)
Tory Ellie (Adios Alonso x Chubbys Excel)

Kays Gift (Adios Alonso x Gold Emma)
Calm And Cool (Adios Alonso x Funny Honey)


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