Borrisoleigh- Day One Results

Hitchin Post Cup

Team Ike v Sky Star
Annual Prospect v Chubbys Charmer
Sudden Cas v Bower King
Maker Of Rules v Kind Rain

All Age Bitch Stake

Red Circle v Ballykildea Ash
Isnt She Magic v Cracking Doll
Up The Saints v Shes Our Blonde
Inas Birthday v Whopsie Away

Derby Trial Stake

Monadreen Rocket (Kingsmill Dynamo x Amazing Rocket)
Get Stuck In (Adios Alonso x Aslee Annie)

Cons Decision (Kingsmill Dynamo x Mrs Jingles)
Loyal Lightning (Kingsmill Dynamo x Loyal Lyric)

Lithuanian King (Kingsmill Dynamo x Mrs Jingles)
Shanavulen Rory (Kingsmill Dynamo x Maureen Rua)

Inch Harvest (Adios Alonso x Chubbys Cove)
Bucks Mackey (Kingsmill Dynamo x Bucks Honey)

Oaks Trial Stake

Blastoff Betty (Kingsmill Dynamo x Mayor Berine)
Kranna Matey (Killimor Matey x Brianna)

Three Fivers (Kyle Ranger x Miss Alonso)
Sibi (Thomas The Tank x Call Posie)

Sandyman Smut (Thomas The Tank x Emmas Goldrush)
Cois Rio (Blueview Sam ex Foxhill Goldie)

Casanova Banba (Johnny Casanova x Oh Banba)
Percys Lilly (Kyle James x Yukon Glory)


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