Co. Kerry- Day One Results

Kingdom Cup

Tobar Na Molt v Lineroad Bonita
Dublinfourdasher v Bexhill Mandy
Wizard Matthew v Kyle George
Cashen Lightning v Arcade Maximus

Derby Trial Stake

Silent Secret (Kyle James x Summerfield Bex)
Sundays King (Newinn Wonder x Barely Survived)

Joans Harper (Adios Alonso x Bridewell Rose)
La Marseillaise (Mafi Magic x Great Ability)

Kileummin Tank (Razor Ashmore x Kilcummin Lady)
Whats My Name (Central City x Sion Hawk)

Wallace Banner (Danaghers Best x Wallace Court)
Highland Hunter (March Is On x Plough And Stars)

Oaks Trial Stake

Pumpkin Judical (Judicial Affair x Pumpkin Aviva)
Southern Rebel (Murtys Blaze x Uptown Rebel)

Downton Minnie (Adios Alonso x Chubbys Excel)
Buff Beauty (Kingsmill Dynamo x Razor Joanie)

Candle Light (Newinn Wonder x Kiss And Tell)
Same Over Here (Mafi Magic x Same Over)

Chevalto (Kyle King x Amys View)
Barrack Shelly (Kingsmill Dynamo x Barrack Bimbo)


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