Galbally- Day One Results

Russell Cup

Cloudy Dawn v Beef Budget
Madrasa v Land Down Under
Glenlough Mick v Vacume Onhisway
Hairspray v Small Bit Bright

Derby Trial Stake

Tis Your Round (Jingles x Uptown Bliss)
Key Pass (Adios Alonso x Key Daisy)

Crafty Korozo (Adios Alonso x Crafty Pinero)
Carrowkeal Matty (Kingsmill Dynamo x Key Partner)

Why Tanyard Oak (Kingsmill Dynamo x Why Tanyard Ash)
See More Lights (Newinn Wonder x Chance Me Betty)

Navins Casanova (Adios Alonso x Lady Casanova)
Fishermans Razor (Razor Ashmore x Fishermans Blond)

Oaks Trial Stake

Sandyman Blonde (Thomas The Tank x Emmas Goldrush)
Cherrygrove Ruby (Newinn Wonder x Runaway Mitzy)

Clerihan Pockets (Pocketrocketben x Windgap View)
Aghaburren Ali (Kingsmill Dynamo x Smart Ali)

Giant Granny (Kingsmill Dynamo x Coffee In Currow)
Fionntra Cooga (Newinn Wonder x Cooga Music)

Tommys Cavalier (Jingles x Uptown Bliss)
Derrylough Holly (Newinn Wonder x Sandyman River)


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