Sevenhouses- Day One Results

Seamus Hughes Memorial Cup

Kingcormac Fairy v Fingal Master
De Great White v Foot Solution
Whatdoyoufancy v Game Mikey
Rocks Of Bawn v Droopys Sugar

Oaks Trial Stake

Moat Hannah (Adios Alonso x Moat Belle)
Smart Jet (Kingsmill Dynamo x Smart Ali)

Time Goes By (Kingsmill Dynamo x Needham Time)
Coffee In Sunset (Kingsmill Dynamo x Coffee In Currow)

Why Tanyard Kim (Kingsmill Dynamo x Why Tanyard Ash)
Pumpkin Kia (Judicial Affair x Pumpkin Avivia)

Coshair Sunset (Adios Alonso x Coshair Laois)
Kitts Magic (Mafi Magic x Kittys Way)

Reserve Derby Trial Stake

Nimble Jingle (Jingles x Nearly There)
Almighty Man (High And Mighty x Amyville Kate)

Coshair Turf (Adios Alonso x Coshair Laois)
Killeagh Blake (Lochbo Blake x By Mistake)

Loyal Lightning (Kingsmill Dynamo x Loyal Lyric)
Ballymore Day (Blueview Sam x Ballymore Becks)

Key Dynamo (Kingsmill Dynamo x Key Partner)
Mungos Ranger (Kyle Ranger x Mungos Diamond)


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