Tubbercurry- Day One Results

Derby Trial Stake

Scattery Big Mac (Adios Alonso x Scattery Express)
Ride Your Bike (Kyle Ranger x Colossal Plan)

Big Jimmy Oh (Jingles x Fireheight Jane)
Balleen Voyager (Razor Ashmore x Wallace Beauty)

Allezallezallez (Kingsmill Dynamo x Bambas Hawkeye)
City Two (Razor Ashmore x Latest Gamble)

Dynami Dynamo (Kingsmill Dynamo x Maureen Rua)
Tromora Mafi (Mafi Magic x Tromora Darkie)

Oaks Trial Stake

Skellig Sky (Skellig Way x Skellig Tivoli)
Highland Rambler (March Is On x Plough And Stars)

Kinielty Gold (Kingsmill Dynamo x Killacolla Gold)
Tullamoy Dream (Adios Alonso x Chubbys Excel)

Avas Magic (Mafi Magic x Tupele)
Paradise Jasmin (Thomas The Tank x Skibbs Babe)

Newinn Gaga (Newinn Wonder x Newinn Droopy)
Fivestarger (Adios Alonso x Stop That Ger)


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