Kilflynn- Day One Results

Oaks Trial Stake

Duarigle Debbie (Adios Alonso x Duarigle Magic)
Turbo Molly (Feel My Pulse x Come On Molly)

Dancing Hicenda (Adios Alonso x Dancing Senora)
Breezeawaykylie (Kyle LeIgh x Fortfield Breeze)

Amys Angel (Thomas The Tank x Amys View)
Crushers Angel (Adios Alonso x Skellig Babe)

No More Tears (Adios Alonso x Boshski)
Itty Bitty Kitty (Newinn Wonder x Hereforthecraic)
Shanavulin Amy (Adios Alonso x Kerrykil Lass)
Sophies Duchess (Timor Blue x Marshalls Duchess)

Stephens Kian (Thomas The Tank x Blades of Joy)
Coolree Pandora (Eshwary Leader x Coolree Keeper)

East Kerry (Thomas The Tank x Barrack Becky)
Skellig Fortune (Skellig Wish x Skellig Side)

Crescent Accord (Adios Alonso x Kincora Chubby)
Kind Dancer (Adios Alonso x Dancing Senora)


Tradaree- Day One Results

Derby Trial Stake

Wood Fang (Mafi Magic x Bend Your Knee)
Sailors Haggard (Kyle Ranger x Byerley Babe)

Woodpark Again (Adios Alonso x Duarigle Magic)
Redzer Rocky (Mafi Magic x Loyal Lyric)

Oaks Trial Stake

Pumpkin Ashmore (Razor Ashmore x Pumpkin Aviva)
Clonadrum Excel (Adios Alonso x Blazing Excel)

Lone Ramble (Mafi Magic x Ramble Pumpkin)
Balinveala Jewel (Killimor Matey x Ballinveala Wren)

Liscannor- Day One Results

Oaks Trial Stake

Pumpkin Feale (Razor Ashmore x Pumpkin Aviva)
Da Joker (Kyle Leigh x Wise Lady)

That’s My Story (Central City x Mollys Leader)
Our Bailys Girl (Adios Alonso x Holy Lady)

Marys Mistake (Kyle Leigh x Missellenie)
Gripwell Nancy (Thomas The Tank x Lizs Touch)

Burgoyne Blanaid (Adios Alonso x Tanyard Kerry)
Barna Wonder (Newinn Wonder x Drumcrow Amber)