Kilflynn- Day Two Results

Stephen Fuller Memorial Cup

RA: Highland Hunter v Killeagh Sunny
Missouri Rock v Essential
See More Lights v At All Times
Kerry Abu v Balleen Voyager


At All Times- 6/4
See More Lights- 2/1
Essential, Baleen Voyager- 4/1
Killeagh Sunny, Missouri Rock- 5/1
Highland Hunter- 6/1
Kerry Abu- 10/1

John Herbert Memorial All Age Bitch Stake

Kilty Sadie v Isherselfdown
Follow Ur Dreams v Lineroad Lamar
Marshals Kendall v Isnt She Lovely
Skellig Doll v Downton Minnie

Skellig Doll- 6/4
Downton Millie, Kilty Sadie- 3/1
Isnt She Lovely- 4/1
Isherelfdown, Follow Ur Dreams, Lineroad Lamar- 6/1
Marshals Kendall- 8/1

Oaks Trial Stake – semi-final

Duarigle Debbie (Adios Alonso x Duarigle Magic) – Evs
Amys Angel (Thomas The Tank x Amys View) – Evs

Stephens Kian (Thomas The Tank x Blades of Joy) – 4/1
Kind Dancer (Adios Alonso x Dancing Senora) – 4/1

Reserve Derby Trial Stake

Oilean Kyle (Kyle Leigh x Oilean Bridge) – 5/1
Mouseinthehouse (Razor Ashmore x Maggie Dan) – 5/2

Tankofftom (Thomas The Tank x Blades of Joy) – 3/1
Wheres My Muzzle (Thomas The Tank x Dusty Track) – 3/1

Wiseguy Pat (Kyle Leigh x Sticky Back) – 10/1
Lawlee Two (Mafi Magic x Why Tanyard Nina) – 5/2

Ballinvosherig (Newinn Wonder x Hereforthecraic) – 4/1
Vardy Time (Kyle James x Barrack Bimbo) – 4/1


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