Glin- Day One Results

All Age Bitch Stake

Moat Hannah v Shimmerandshine
Smokey Zara v Corbraighe Holly
Tory Ellie v Fingal Sansa
Killacolla Kiwi v Satriani

Derby Trial Stake

Cashen Dubai (Newinn Wonder x Shaunanne Flyer
Galevalley Hero (Thomas The Tank x Simtam)

Sullane Taylor (Newinn Wonder x Bower Sign)
Northland Crazy (Blueview Sam x Eshwary Laura)

Vals Image (Newinn Wonder x Hereforthecraic)
Denmore Denzel (Blueview Sam x Telly Dora)

Floating Victor (Kyle King x Floating Spirit)
Gurteen Davi (Thomas The Tank x Lochbo Zola)

Mulboy Hunter (Newinn Wonder x Roes Hill)
Batt and John (Adios Alonso x Nicolas Babe)

Dru Mac (Kyle King x Ivegotthesecret)
Killacolla Rio (Thomas The Tank x Killacolla Spice)

Do It Barney (Adios Alonso x Kincora Chubby)
Derrylough Range (Kyle Ranger x Byerly Babe)

Gold Duke (Adios Alonso x Duchess Rosa)
Fingal Legend (Skellig Way x Skellig Blues)


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