Ennis- Clarecastle- Day One Results

All Age Cup

Clonmore Ashmore v Navins Casanova
Ivy Hill Time v Late July
Rock Hard v Needham Frankel
Donovanneighbour v Bonding Session

All Age Bitch Stake

Meghans Diva v Manley Girl
Cillowen Leader v Ougham Ellen
Fame Queen v Clonreddan Molly
Colossal View v Skellig Jewel

Oaks Trial Stake

Hurt Me Now (Kyle Leigh x Winsome Kate)
Gadget Eoin (Bexhill Eoin x Gadget Girl)

Lovely Wrinkle (Kyle Ranger x Hollyoak Alexis)
Allowdale Aine (Adios Alonso x Duarigle Magic)

Wewilltaketwo (Mafi Magic x Gentle Angel)
Ougham Honey (Kilkeale Hero x Ougham Ellen)

Larchill April (Kyle Leigh x Blushing Annie)
Bracks Lady (Thomas The Tank x Glowing Ambition)

Reserve Derby Trial Stake

Everyone Knows (Kingsmill Dynamo x Moat Belle)
Cest La Vie (Newinn Wonder x Wallace Court)

Ivy Hill Trad (Kyle James x Uptown Angel)
Old Mill Street (Mafi Magic x Hollyoak Scotch)

Castle Vardy (Eshwary Leader x Coolree Keeper)
Colossal Image (Kyle Leigh x Cillowen Gra)

Res B: Duarigle Desmond (Adios Alonso x Duarigle Magic)
Blue Panther (Mafi Magic x Gentle Angel)


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