Regional- Day One Results

All Age Cup

Banba Be Lucky v Skellig Bright
Pauna Pronto v Might Be Magic
Jet Stream v Cerberus Magic
Cooga Hero v Turbo Ashmore

Derby Trial Stake

Kilkillogue (Newinn Wonder x Hard To Sell)
Percys Quest (Kyle Leigh x Shes A Casanova)

Barrack Prince (Thomas The Tank x Barrack Becky)
Tanxamill (Thomas The Tank x Dusty Track)

Rathfort Blue (Hope And Dreams x Ellis Island)
Multigamble (Multibet x Master Delight)

Take Three (Adios Alonso x Ballinakill Mary)
Droopys Eshwary (Eshwary Leader x Droopys Marina)

Oaks Trial Stake

Our Miztique (Adios Alonso x Blades Of Glory)
Mount Ivers Rose (Kyle Leigh x Oilean Bridge)

Derby Mania (Adios Alonso x Skellig Mania)
Skellig Honey (Adios Alonso x Skellig Babe)

Heart of Hearts (Kyle James x Ever Stardust)
Pumpkin Ashmore (Razor Ashmore x Pumpkin Aviva)

Ballkildea Hero (Thomas The Tank x Bigwood Virginia)
Cu Kendall (Adios Alonso x Kate Shoes)

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