Edenderry- Day One Results

All Age Cup

Ballymore Ryan v Cuine Yet
Judiligence v Crafty Boogaloo
Not Caught Yet v Manntan Manor
Budore Dip v Coshair Orla

Derby Trial Stake

City Dawn (Adios Alonso x City Beauty)
Anytipperarytown (Kyle Basil x Chubbys Cove)

Crafty Divo (Tullamore Central Heroine)
Carricktobin Boy (Carricktobin Lad x Dungill)

Barna Rock (Newinn Wonder x Drumcrow Amber)
Tea Clipper (Mafi Magic x Bend Your Knee)

Game Alonso (Adios Alonso x Why Tanyard Tess)
Meenagh Maniac (Multibet x Master Delight)

Reserve Oaks Trial Stake

Riversidebringle (Adios Alonso x Ballinakill Mary)
Sudden Jet (Kyle Leigh x Shes A Casanova)

Babyrockme (Mafi Magic x Tilt Your Kilt)
Coolree Pandora (Eshwary Leader x Coolree Keeper)

Boynepark Blonde (Kyle Ranger x Boynepark Maggie)
Hydepark Cedar (Newinn Wonder x Summer Skellig)

Allstretchedout (Kyle Ranger x Madtogoagain)
Res A: Macarena (Kingsmill Dynamo x Phoenix Tango)


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