Loughrea- Day One

Connacht Cup

Balleen Voyager v Coshair Oggie
Mr Orange v Kilkeale Jazz
Some Tank v Kilsally Magic
Dale Khaleesi bye

All Age Bitch Stake

Oakview Banba v Killucan Winnie
Barbican Dice v Coshair Pallas
Buckin Bella v Fivestarger
Moat Matilda v Yournothingbut

Derby Trial Stake

Flow On Dan (Newinn Wonder x Flow On Jess)
Get Up Matey (Killimor Matey x Catchnscratcher)

Blades Of Fire (Adios Alonso x Blades Of Glory)
Winner All Write (Mafi Magic x Get On Norsa)

Cahercourt (Kyle Basil x Chubbys Cove)
Baile Brun (Razor Ashmore x Pumpkin Aviva)

Larchill Ranger (Adios Alonso x Larchill Millie)
Sporting Romeo (Thomas The Tank x Dusty Track)

Oaks Trial Stake

Itsjustahill (Thomas The Tank x Lochbo Zola)
Tanyard Jenna (Adios Alonso x Tanyard Kerry)

Gonetoknock (Killimor Matey x Blue Magician)
Whatever You Say (Kyle Basil x Chubbys Cove)

Darling Daughter (Central City x Mollys Leader)
Lovely Wrinkle (Kyle Ranger x Hollyoak Alexis)

Coolree Leader (Eshwary Leader x Coolree Keeper)
Bonnie Diva (Adios Alonso x Tranquility Rose)


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