Ballinagar- Day One Results

All Age Bitch Stake

Skellig Light v Accessibility
Offherrocker v Choctaw Squaw
Coshair Sunset v Bank Giro
Sheelin Shamrock v Casanova Banba

Oaks Trial Stake

Shipupshipout (Mafi Magic x Tilt Your Kilt)
Res A: Tory Rita (Thomas The Tank x Moat Lady)

Billistown Babe (Kyle James x Billistown Lady)
Skellig Snow (Adios Alonso x Skellig Mania)

Flagfield Blonde (Mafi Magic x Flagfield Dash)
Gripwell Nancy (Thomas The Tank x Lizs Touch)

Emily Be Happy (Thomas The Tank x Killahys Babe)
Percys Devlin (Kyle Leigh x Shes A Casanova)


Reserve Derby Trial Stake

Feede Wish (Skellig Wish x Skellig Side)
Coshair Tom (Kyle Leigh x Star Proof)

Ashmore Bonus (Kyle Leigh x Buds Decision)
Boynepark Josh (Kyle Ranger x Boynepark Maggie)

Kilbrook Eoin (Bexhill Eoin x Miss Vanity)
Billistown Rogue (Kyle James x Billistown Lady)

Aurcosa Butler (Kingsmill Dynamo x Noirs Caviar)
Percys Quest (Kyle Leigh x Shes A Casanova)


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