Castleisland- Day One Result

Derby Trial Stake

Fork Lift (Thomas The Tank x Cushie Victoria)
Ballymac Vale (Vale View Flyer x Curragh Time)

Trouble And Me (Newinn Wonder x Eastwell Blonde)
Great Catch (Killimor Matey x Catchnscratcher)

Jamaica Jude (Kyle James x Jamaica Jane)
Longmeadow Kajay (Kyle James x Stonepark Dynamo)

Jamess Treasure (Kyle James x Fives Treasure)
Rathronan Toes (Mafi Magic x Slippy Toes)

Needham Brexit (Tynwald Smokey x Needham Marie)
Downton Pluto (Adios Alonso x Horgie Baby)

Deputy Jay Jay (Adios Alonso x Camarillo Blonde)
Wings Of Desire (Tynwald Smokey x Needham Marie)


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