Charleville- Day One Results

All Age Cup

Rathfort James v Southern Spring
Moontown Alonso v Chance Of Wonder
Glanmore Dandy v Earl Of Clare
Knockrour Storm v Local Time

All Age Bitch Stake

My Girl Jodie v Ashwood Gap
Total Express v Linden Ruby
Same Over Cliona v Millridge Daisy
Maidrin A Rua v Lochbo Dacry

Derby Trial Stake

Teds Magic (Skellig Wish x Bermuda Magic)
Half Time (Razor Ashmore x Be On Time)

Acres Bob (Thomas The Tank x Lochbo Zola)
Listowel Melody (Lochbo Blake x Mungos Melody)

Our Celtic Gold (Killimor Matey x Ougham Pet)
Kind Dan (Adios Alonso x Dancing Senora)

Oilean Kyle (Kyle Leigh x Oilean Bridge)
Springwater Boss (Newinn Wonder x Gortmelia Sweet)

Oaks Trial Stake

Seat Belt Blond (Mafi Magic x Whitestone Blond)
Leigh Florence (Cashen Legend x Leigh Fantastic)

Balinveala Seana (Killimor Matey x Ballinveala Wren)
Go On Mavis (Mafi Magic x Broadwell Blonde)

Stallone Elsa (Adios Alonso x Five Fools)
Laughing Candle (Killimor Matey x Candles Dripping)

Knockout Glory (Adios Alonso x Knockout Kate)
Fortfield Lucy (Kyle Leigh x Fortfield Breeze)


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