Milltown-Malbay- Day One Results

All Age Cup

Straight Risk v General Marshal
Ballyhast Flyer v Dromelihy Boy

All Age Bitch Stake

Skellig Sky v Clonreddan Molly
Skellig Jewel v Rally On Rosie

Derby Trial Stake

Uluru Rock (Newinn Wonder x Ningaloo Maxi)
Callura Sonic (Kyle James x Callura Rain)

Whatdontuknow (Adios Alonso x Larchill Millie)
Ivy Hill Trad (Kyle James x Uptown Angel)

Clonmore Alonso (Adios Alonso x Deirdres Delight)
Rihehs Image (Adios Alonso x Miracle Woman)

Atlantic Brave (Kyle James x Atlantic Diva)
An Bothar Ard (Kyle Basil x Chubbys Cove)

Oaks Trial Stake

Pretty Wishes (Kyle James x Pretty Stranger)
Stickitouttaragh (Kyle Ranger x Madtogoagain)

Skellig Shine (Adios Alonso x Camarillo Blonde)
Magnolia (Adios Alonso x Deirdres Delight)

Atlantic Cloud (Kyle James x Atlantic Diva)
Lay Down Sally (Mafi Magic x Bend Your Knee)

Malbay Lyric (Mafi Magic x Loyal Lyric)
Mixed Marriage (Thomas The Tank x Awesome Belle)


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