Castleisland- Day Two Results

Island Cup

La Marsaille v Kyle Bruce
Domain King v Wizard Matthew
Half The Odds v Tory Hill Denzel
Nemos Balto v Wallace Cruise

All Age Bitch Stake

Party Ma Cushla v Lineroad Lamar
Chevalto v Tangerine Dream
Blizzard Maria v Ballymac Blue
Shimmerandshine v Pumpkin Kia

Derby Trial Stake

Ballymac Vale (Vale View Flyer x Curragh Time)
Jamess Treasure (Kyle James x Fives Treasure)

Downton Pluto (Adios Alonso x Horgie Baby)

Reserve Oaks Trial Stake

Aivas Glory (Adios Alonso x Aoifes Dilemma)
Big One (Mafi Magic x Big Maggie)

Fortfield Berry (Kyle Leigh x Fortfield Breeze)
Tig Coili (Adios Alonso x Nicolas Babe)

Somelittledream (Hopes and Dreams x Somelittlething)
Scenic View (Newinn Wonder x Windgap View)

Shanavulin Amy (Adios Alonso x Kerrykil Lass)
Ruby Rush (Thomas The Tank x Moat Lady)

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