New Ross- Day One Results

Corn Ros Mhic Treoin

Mulboy King v Ballinbola Mill
Dillrock Darby v Loyal Lightning
Telex Hero v Kingsmill Jasper
Hilark James v Jet Stream

All Age Bitch Stake

Julia Estremoz v Ballyverry Baby
Ten Tone Molly v Minella Babe
City Spirit v Kingsmill Ariel
Corbraighe Holly v Cushie Tess

Derby Trial Stake

Needham Eoin (Bexhill Eoin x Gadget Girl)
Dungill Blue (Carricktobin Lad x Dungill)

Only The Lonely (March Is On x Joint Account)
Monroe Rover (Adios Alonso x Ballinakill Mary)

Honey Ranger (Thomas The Tank x Honey Spice)
Ashwood Tank (Thomas The Tank x Ashwood Sarah)

Mulboy Hunter (Newinn Wonder x Roes Hill)
Ballarue Kyle (Kyle James x Sunfire Magic)

Oaks Trial Stake

Res A: Dungill Maggie (Carricktobin Lad x Dungill)
Townspark Daisy (Carricktobin Lad x Southeast Brindy)

Float Alone (Thomas The Tank x Lady Twinkletoes)
Im The One (Thomas The Tank x Amazing Rocket)

Rodeo Twirl (Newinn Wonder x Electric Twirl)
Jamaica Judy (Kyle James x Jamaica Judy)

Heart of Hearts (Kyle James x Ever Stardust)
Ballymore Eve (Central City x Needham Time)


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