Ardpatrick- Day One Results

Derby Trial Stake

Davey Slips Up (Latest Trick x Bouncing Bar)
Russmur Magic (Mafi Magic x Specific Event)

Aghaburren Jet (Adios Alonso x Smart Sadie)
Tanxamill (Thomas The Tank x Dusty Track)

Longmeadow Kajay (Kyle James x Stonepark Dynamo)
Rocking Mate (Killimor Matey x Candles Dripping)

Furnacetown King (Adios Alonso x Horgie Baby)
Creggane Tom (Thomas The Tank x Barefoot Model)

Oaks Trial Stake

Drop It Ginger (Adios Alonso x Kates Shoes)
Passing Star (Thomas The Tank x Vienna Calling)

Oilean Magic (Mafi Magic x Dilgent)
Laughing Candle (Kilimor Matey x Candles Dripping)

Merchants Coyote (Tynwald Smokey x Miss Alonso)
Rushview Angel (Kyle James x Uptown Angel)

Room To Roam (Mafi Magic x Galbally Ellen)
Cooga Wave (Adios Alonso x Big Wave)


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