Ballyduff- Day Two Results

Kit Browne North Kerry Cup

True North v Seamus Alainn
Carrowkeal Gavin v Cashen Lightning
Drive On Smokey v Rhythm And Rhyme
Kyle Mozart v Tellmemorelies

All Age Bitch Stake

Mystery Sky v Gertwo
In China Again v Cryptic Sunset
Skellig Bright v Calm And Cool
Three Fivers v City Spirit

Derby Trial Stake

Away Razor (Razor Ashmore x Carrowclough)
Jamaica Jude (Kyle James x Jamaica Jane)

Sharkinthedark (Killimor Matey x Catchnscratcher)

Oaks Trial Stake

Pilgrim Victoria (Thomas The Tank x Cushie Victoria)
Cashen Summer (Newinn Wonder x Shaunanne Flyer)

Red Mirage (Adios Alonso x Red Review)


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